Wednesday, February 5, 2014


WFH = Work From Home, for those that aren't aware of that acronym.  Yesterday I left work around 5 and had clear weather the entire drive.  DH and I decided (unwisely) to have grilled sandwiches for dinner.  Now, on the surface that doesn't sound bad, but have you ever had one of those meals where NOTHING tastes good??  That was our dinner.  We have this tradition where if dinner sucks, we have to make up for it with a DQ Blizzard.  So, he buys and I fly.  Now DQ is only about 5 miles down the road from our house and a straight shot, but when I opened the door onto the deck, I realized my drive could be a little more dramatic than I expected.  The snow had started coming down with a vengence!  But I was on a mission, so I got into my trusty car and headed out.  Honestly the driving conditions were alright for someone taking it slower than normal and paying attention.  DQ was empty as one would imagine and I got our make-up dinner and headed back home.  I was behind a car who was directly behind a salt truck.  So it was even slower travel.  I pulled into our driveway and my DH is there to greet me.  He was worried sick about me being out in that after he realized it was coming down so hard and how long it had taken me.  We enjoyed our blizzards and listened to the freezing rain hitting our house.  It sounded like rocks being thrown.  I went to bed and it was still coming down.  I woke up at midnight and it was still coming down.  I was up at 5:30 to feed the cats and after evaluating the road conditions in front of my house I made the command decision to WFH.  Many others are doing the same.  It's just not worth an accident.  They provide a laptop and access to their network.  It's sort of a no-brainer. 

I'm anxious for the sun to come up so I can see what we got!  The lights shining on the snow/ice make for a lovely scene!  We have dripping ice off of branches, picnic tables, porch rails...  Although quite a few have braved the roads and there is traffic on our street, it's moving really slow.  I've yet to see a salt truck this morning. 

Hope everyone has an awesome Wednesday!


  1. Mmmm - a DQ Blizzard - I love 'em. Stay in and stay warm. :)

  2. Glad you got home safe and sound, it sounds awful up there. And you are right Bruno Mars was wonderful, but The Red Hot Chili Peppers were questionable and I usually love their musice.

  3. Many WFH today...missed you but glad you were safe:) DQ tradition sounds really fun. Perhaps my house needs to adopt a similar idea