Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Anyone that knows me even a little knows how much I love music.  It is my salvation.  It is where I find my voice when I cannot find the words.  It is where I find my heart.  I am open to all kinds of music, because good music crosses all genres.  I grew up listening to Elvis and Merle Haggard.  By choice.  I had a very broad range of musical interest. I listened (on my own) to Wayne Newton, for instance.  I grew up knowing every word to every song on every one of his albums.  Didn't make me popular at school, but what it did give me was an appreciation for talent, looking outside what the world around me was telling me was "cool".  I also listened to Bob Seger, ACDC, The Eagles, The Monkees, U2, The Osmonds, Jackson Five, Jimi Hendrix, CCR, Oak Ridge Boys, Alabama, George Strait.  The list goes on and on and on... 

Today my musical taste hasn't changed.  My iPod is a mixture of bluegrass, gangstagrass (look it up), country (old and new), rock, pop, alternative, metal and classic rock.  I like it when others tell me about bands they listen to I might not know about.  I just found two that way; The Black Angels and Golden Animals.  Although I am 50, and hardly likely to be a fan, I am enthralled with Default, Theory of a Deadman, Staind, and Cage the Elephant.  I am a long time fan of Daughtry, although that's not a surprise.  Bluegrass music was something my Dad listened to and although at the time I certainly didn't have the appreciation for it that I do now I realized it's significance in American musical culture.  I love the newer bluegrass bands like Newfound Road and Steeldrivers. 

Music is my salvation. 


  1. I love music too. The girls at the office are astonished at all I listen to. I too like a lot of the bands that you mentioned but I have branched out to include jazz, new age jazz, and I love contemporary christian as well. Thee girls shake their heads at me when they hear me listening to some of my teenager's music as well. Music resonates within me. I love classical and have passed that love to my oldest daughter. There are two types of music that move me the most- Celtic-I have Celtic origins and the music touches something so deep inside me that I cannot explain it; the other is Cello. I don't know what it is about that instrument but I love it. The vibration that it causes inside me, is something I cannot describe. I have found over the years that music definitely affects how I feel so I strive to listen to music that is uplifting.

  2. I am moved deep inside by music as well. It's not so much a specific genre or instrument as it is a sound for me. It's difficult to describe for sure. My classical music knowledge/exposure is limited to my spa visits. Although I enjoy the tempo, I don't find myself seeking it out on my own. Perhaps I should revisit that... Thanks for the comment! :)