Friday, February 7, 2014

Hope floats

I wake up every day with a positive attitude.  It's as if the slate is wiped clean from the day before.  All the people that got on my nerves is forgiven.  All the work that was so frustrating is a memory.  I exit the elevator on my floor hopeful that today is the day.  It normally doesn't take very long for that old feeling to creep back in.  People are creatures of habit.  If they are normally late for meetings, nothing is going to miraculously happen overnight to make them less late.  Sigh.  I love that saying "Hope Floats".  To me it resonates sunrise and a new day.  A new beginning to do better and be better.  I wish others could/would embrace it.  But we are often stuck in ruts too deep to get out of.  People often don't like feedback or criticism, so approaching them to make changes can be a struggle.  I'm not perfect and I take way too much personal when I shouldn't.  But I think I am very self aware.  I realize when others are silently criticizing me for things I fall short on.  I would prefer to fix those before they feel the need to make a suggestion.  Others don't seem to follow this lead.  I often wonder if they have an attitude of self-importance.  Like people who are habitually late for everything.  It's been my experience that these people think it rude others don't wait for them.  I know there are often circumstances outside of our control, but people need to take accountability at some point. 

Okay, I'm off my soapbox.  On to better things...

I am in the middle of 2 blankets; one Ohio state and another signature throw.  The signature throw is the furthest along, but the Ohio state blanket needs to be finished first.  That's my first priority this weekend.  It's for a coworker's husband and a surprise for him.  I bought some beautiful purple yarn for the next signature throw and I can barely contain my excitement to start it and see if the colors are as amazing as I think they will be.  I've had a lot of traffic to the Etsy shop lately.  It seems they are checking out my sold blankets, so I feel a little driven to get something out there for inventory.

I'm hosting the February Craft Club.  We are going to make our own personal mini pizzas.  We have two new members and they are younger so it's nice to see their interest and enthusiasm. 

My sister is hosting a jewelry party on Saturday.  I am looking forward to going and maybe finding a cool piece or two...

Off to start my day.  Yay, it's Friday!!!


  1. Trying to stay positive can be tough sometimes. When I was in Columbus last weekend the yarn store I went to had a whole area dedicated to Ohio State yarns, it was wonderful. Good luck on the blankets.

  2. Sounds like a good idea. The Bible says not to let the sun go down on your anger. To me that means to forgive and release resentment before the sun sets. I know when I do I sleep like a baby. Sounds like you are very busy. I need to get motivated today to go shopping. Watching a movie right now but when it's over I've got to get going. I hope you have a loverly weekend!