Monday, February 3, 2014

No rest for the wicked

Greetings.  Apologies for my absence.  Not what I had intended.  Let's see if we can't keep this rolling, shall we?

1.  Nashville is a great city.  Loved everything about it. 
2.  I Love Lucy musical was awful.  I've seen better high school musicals.
3.  Boo on the Super Bowl.  Not only because the Broncos lost, but it just wasn't a "good" game to watch.  I thought the commercials (save for the 2 by Budweiser, the T-Mobile ones) were awful. 
4.  Bruno Mars was great.

The DH and I went to a Super Bowl party and because it wasn't far from where I work we got a hotel.  I learned something about myself and my DH.  I learned that how I cope with my job isn't congenial with everyone.  The DH doesn't like being outside his comfort zone.  He is a homebody of sorts.  Being in a hotel for me is just something I do sometimes.  It's not ideal.  It's normally not "fun".  It's tolerable.  It gives me a break from my hour commute.  It breaks up what would otherwise be a long week.  For me it's not a big deal.  For him, it was a very big deal.  He definitely doesn't like new things.  1150.  That's how many days I have till retirement.  At least that's the magic number right now.  If things go well, that would be greatly reduced.  Time will tell. 

FoFo I apologize for not getting back to you about a visit.  My daughter had plans for us all weekend and as it turned out we had such a good time Friday night, Saturday morning and into the afternoon were spent recuperating.  :)  I will go back to Nashville though.  I really loved it.  What a great music town.  I mean, I've heard that before, but I guess I just never believed it.  Boy, was I ever wrong. 

Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the play, but glad to hear that you enjoyed Nashville. I hope the 1150 days goes by fast enough. :)

  2. Not a biggie, sweetie. I am sick and have been all weekend. I wouldn't have been able to meet up with you. Glad you had a good time in Nashville. It is a unique city. You get down this way again, let me know.