Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gotta be Thursday

If I could look at my work calendar without seeing the day of the week I would know it was Thursday by the lack of meetings and by the reminders about reports being due.  I call Thursday my admin day although technically Friday is supposed to be.  All of my reports are due this afternoon so how can Friday be my admin day?  With luck nothing will interfere with my admin day today and I can knock out the reports.

Looks like we have an ice storm heading our way tonight.  I am scheduled to work from home tomorrow - again since I have no meetings scheduled - and I hope nothing comes up to change that.  I've spent two nights this week away from home and I'm ready to be home. 

I started another messenger bag on Tuesday evening.  I'm trying to use up the balls of yarn I have rather than new full skeins.  So it's a mix of colors.  Navy, teal and white.  This one will have a flap as well.  Here is a pic of the first side. 

Not sure what my weekend plans are other than relaxing.  Work has me pretty stressed right now and it's just the nature of the beast I suppose although it sure feels like for every step forward I take I must take 5 back.  Everyone is saying we are making progress but I'm not feeling it.  Sometimes I long for that job I had where I had an inbox and an outbox.  It was so easy to measure my productivity day to day.  Not with this job - it's very difficult to measure progress!

Okay enough whining!  Have a super day!!

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  1. Hang in there, progress is being mad evenif it isn't evident all the time.