Monday, June 16, 2014

People get less time for murder

That's what my DH always says when he talks about our upcoming 20th wedding anniversary.  It makes me grin every time I hear it.  Mostly because it's true.  Marriage is never always easy.  I like to think of ours as a work in progress.  Every day we work towards the common goals.  We dreamed together and made plans together and every day we have been working towards making those dreams come true.  Sometimes the dreams change.  Sometimes the plan changes.  But our happiness for one another never changes.  I want my DH to be happy.  No matter what he dreams.  And I know he wants the same for me.  Ultimately when we are both happy our marriage is a happy place.  The scales can tip - and often do - but we each share the common goal of "centering" that scale.  People in prison for murder should be so lucky as to have a sentence of 20 years for being part of a team like ours.  

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  1. LOL Very cute. Marriage is definitely a balance. I hope you have many more years to come.