Monday, January 13, 2014


Has it really been since May that I last posted? I'm not going to dwell on that. Recently a friend (Rachael) told me she writes and gave me her blog to check out. Of course I did and that started the ball rolling. I wanted to comment on some of her posts and when I tried I remembered I had a blog as well. :) So I'm back. At least for now. I won't try and catch you up on life since May. You can exhale now. It's alright. I wouldn't want to read that either. So how about we just pick up like old friends do? Things are going well at the Ranch. The girls have survived winter, in spite of the very wet and at times, frigid temps. Last week we were hit with that Polar Vortex like the rest of the country. We hit a -12* with a windchill of -40*. The girls took it all in stride and if they noticed the cold they didn't show it. I was a little nervous the first night and went out to check on them around 10PM. I think by doing so I startled them. Needless to say I won't do that again. They were just fine. Their barn is awesome; warm and dry. They always have plenty of good hay and water. We have electric buckets to keep their water from freezing. We opted to not blanket this year and I'm glad we didn't. Both of them have a good winter coat and in spite of the frigid air, they were both warm and toasty. We have 3 cats now. We rescued WT (short for White Trash) in July. She was about 2.5 weeks old. Separated physically from her mom and litter mates, eyes crusted over and on her deathbed. She was covered in fleas and was being used as a toy by a litter of very large and playful puppies. We scooped her up and took her home. With the help of our vet friends she bounced back. She was quarantined for about a week from our other two cats. She is white and literally her skin was black from the fleas. Most disgusting thing I've seen in a very long time. She's not very big, but she is a gorgeous, healthy kitty now. Hooters and WT are best buds. Dumpster doesn't pay her much attention. My crocheting continues with earnest. My focus has been on my signature throws, although I did a favor for someone and made an Ohio State blanket. She wanted it for a Xmas gift. The RYG (Red's Yarn Gang) is in it's 2nd year this month!!! Three of us never missed a month and we have grown quite close. We continue to share ideas, life and recipes once a month. They are so important to me. I look forward to reading blogs and I will post some pictures soon. Happy to be back! Oh, and if you get a chance please check out my friends' blog: One day at a time


  1. Welcome back! So glad to have you in the blog world :)

  2. Yes it has been and I have missed our chatting! I'm glad the girls are doing well, I wondered how they had fared the winter. I've seen you pinning things on pinterest. My, some pretty pictures of horses and kitties. I'm glad you rescued the poor baby. I always hate to see animals neglected. I want to see a picture when you have time to post of all of your babies. Glad to hear your crochet is going well. I've been knitting up a storm since the fall. You will have to check on ravelry to see all I have completed. (((HUGS))) I'm glad you are back!


  3. Glad to see you posting, glad everything is okay. As for the Ohio State blanket, my son goes there, I have made him one blanket and two scarves and hats. I think he loses everything I make. Hope to see you blogging soon,
    you have been missed.