Thursday, April 19, 2012


Greetings!  Once again I have to apologize for being absent from posting.  Aside from life does anyone else have a DH that simply demands too much of your time?  LOL  It seems more and more when I sit down at my computer he is obsessed with knowing what I am doing and whom I'm doing it with.  So honestly it's been annoying to be at my computer lately. 

Sadly my Aunt died on April 12th.  She passed quietly while in hospice with everyone around her.  Her grandaughter was the only one not with us and just as the girl walked into her room, she took her finaly three breaths.  Tell me she hadn't been waiting for her.  Although the loss is great we all take comfort in knowing if anyone lived life to the fullest it was her.  Her body was ravaged with RA and still she kept right on moving.  This is a woman who's toes were practically sideways and yet she still managed to walk daily and even trek 7 miles on a beach not a month ago.  Every minute of every day she was in pain, but she never complained.  Never.  So all of us that knew her knows she would want us to live life to the fullest and never stop. 

Yesterday was an amazing day.  We rode our horses on our property for the first time!  Finally the weather and my back were in alignment and we decided it was a good day to ride.  And it was!  The girls took to their saddles nicely enough.  I had to have help getting on Dolly as my back is still not quite strong to pull myself up just yet.  Although I have no pain whatsoever until I go to put my foot in the stirrup.  So I used a step stool and the DH held Dolly beside it while I gathered up my courage to swing my leg over.  I have to admit it was a tad bit frightening to do that and I had to reach down deep.  But once I did and I was in the saddle I was better than fine!  We rode around our property for about 20 minutes and the horses were great.  It was awesome to get on them.  Dream come true.  Next is I need to get on my bike!

I hope to catch up with all of your postings soon.  I have been delingquent in reading.  Boo for me.  : /


  1. So sad about your Aunt, but she seems like an amazing woman that was loved by many. Very exciting your back is feeling better and you were able to ride.

  2. (((HUGS)))I'm glad she passed peacefully.

    Sounds like you have been busy. I know my dh can be the same way and he drives me crazy.

    I bet you were in heaven to be riding again! I know I would have been.

    Glad to hear from you I wondered where you were.

  3. A sad time for you and family..
    On your horse eh? well done.. It took me a few years to get back on a horse, but I did it and enjoyed it..
    I am please you have been able to enjoy getting back into the saddle:))